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"If you're over 40, and male, you have three main hobbies to choose either start golfing every weekend, start a podcast, or get really into smoking meats" - Steve Meendering, said to himself out loud one day.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the official website for 20 Years, 4 Beers!

     20 Years, 4 Beers is a podcast dedicated to re-watching classic films from at least two decades ago, while drinking a minimum of four modern beers. We (Tim and Steve) are the Meendering brothers who take time out our not-so-busy schedules to sit down and discuss the memories of seeing each film as well as new thoughts after seeing it again. We also review the beers, randomly change subjects, seek out fun trivia surrounding our subject film, and make fun of each other A brothers do!

     20/4 seeks to answer the question, have you ever wondered what two random brothers from Minneapolis think about movies from at least 20 years ago, AND what their opinions on beers are? If you want to find out, and if you like podcasts, movies, beer, or just having a good time for about an hour, then 20 Years, 4 Beers is exactly for you.


Please take a moment to find us on Twitter @years_beers and download episodes on iTunes, Spotify or your favorite podcast host (links are above).

     Any questions?  Contact us at or click here

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