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Who Are We?

We are the Meendering Brothers, Tim and Steve, and we are your new favorite podcasters! 

Based in the film hot bed of Minneapolis, MN, we are two guys who love movies, adore beer, and love talking about movies over drinking beers. For years we just did this all alone in Tim's basement, but then it dawned on us (and that one time by our brother-in-law Stefan) that we could do this for fun and as a hobby. Also, it was a great way to help family members avoid hearing it in person! A few brainstorming sessions later, over some beers of course, and we came up with 20 Years, 4 Beers.

Neither Tim, nor Steve have backgrounds in film studies or in brewing beer. That being said, they have extensive personal history with watching films and drinking beers, and as the great poet that we just made up once said, "isn't life experience worth two degrees in film and beer?"

Click 'Listen' below or the 'Podcast' link at the top of the page to listen to any of our episodes. Also, since you are here...follow the social media links up there too to give us a like and a follow for updates on future podcast episodes.

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